How To Look At Text Message Records

If you’ve ever wanted to be able to look at text message records then today we’ll show you how it’s possible!

You can see all of someone’s texts by using a software program that will let you keep tabs on everything that he or she does on their phone.  This will show you not only full text message records, but details on all other usage from the phone.

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The Easy Way To Look At Text Message Records


text message records

The software you can use to look at text message records is called SpyBubble.  This is a mobile phone application that gives you instant access to being able to see all the activity from the phone.

As you might have seen on their website, the software will let you see text messages, phone call records, web surfing history, the location of the phone (GPS tracking) and more.


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So how does it let you see text message records?


Here’s a basic rundown of how this software works.

SpyBubble installs itself onto the phone that you want to monitor.  Once it’s on the phone, it sends all the information about the phone’s activity to a website that you are able to login to and see the info.

Because cell phones are now connected to the internet, SpyBubble is able to relay the information to the website that you will get a username and password to.


One thing to point out is that the phone you are monitoring must have a data plan or be able to connect to the internet.  This is almost always the case unless the person using the phone has chosen a very bottom-end cell phone plan.


When you login to the website with your username and password, there will be a bunch of different sections that you can look at. 

One section will show you all the text message records.  You’ll see sent, received and even any deleted text messages.

Another area will have their web surfing history, another has call history logs etc.


This software has continuously improved itself and is definitely the top cell monitoring program available.  The company is frequently updating and improving the software and as a customer you get any of these updates at no cost.

Recently they launched a pro version of the software that now includes a phone call listening feature so you can actually listen to someone’s phone calls.  This was a major upgrade that really takes the program to the next level.


There’s no doubt that being able to look at text message records is a great way to learn about what someone is doing.  And with all the other things that SpyBubble lets you see you’ll be able to know exactly what’s going on in their lives!


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