It’s Surprisingly Easy to Tap A Cell Phone!


tap into a cell phoneOne thing’s for sure – if you can tap into a cell phone you can learn a lot about what the person who uses the phone is up to.  So it’s no wonder so many people are looking for a way to monitor a phone.

And the fact is, it’s easy to tap a cell phone!

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With cell phone tapping software you can get an inside look at what someone else is doing on their phone.  Imagine being able to see everything they did on their phone… would know exactly what they’re up to!


If you want to tap into a cell phone, use the software SpyBubble.  This program is a phenomenal tool that lets you see what someone does on their phone.

And since it runs in “stealth mode”, you can use this software program without the person who uses the phone knowing that it’s on their phone.  This lets you find out what they’re doing quickly and without them knowing….


Not only does this program let you tap a cell phone so that you can listen to their phone calls, but there’s a full list of other features as well.


Here’s a rundown of what you can see:

    • Look at every text message that is either sent or received on the cell phone
    • See any pictures taken with the phone.  You can also see videos
    • View the contact list that the person has stored on their phone
    • Go through the history of any mobile web browsing
    • Look at the location of the phone in real-time with the GPS tracking location

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Now let’s take a closer look at the feature that lets you tap a cell phone (listen to calls):

This feature is listed as “call listening” and allows you to listen to live phonecalls.  You’ll be able to hear full conversations and the person won’t know that you’re listening…..


And this is a fairly new feature for this program.  This makes SpyBubble a true cell phone tapping program and it’s still well under $100 even with this advanced feature.

As you can imagine people will use cell phone tapping software when they want to know what another person is doing.  When you can get a look at what someone’s doing on their phone you get a clear picture of what he or she is up to.


Of all the reasons that you might want to tap a cell phone, here are some of the most popular ones:

  • To find out if someone is cheating on you
  • To discover if a roommate is stealing from
  • As a parent, to monitor your children
  • As a way to monitor your employees


I know the above reasons probably seem obvious and that there’s lot of other reasons why you might want to tap into a cell phone, but those 4 reasons are very common.

And it makes sense that using this software would be a popular choice to find out answers like this.  After-all cell phones have so many uses now that people live their lives on them!


So if you can tap into a cell phone and see what that person does on their phone, you get a full look-in at their lives!  It’s a simple but powerful surveillance program that’s worth taking a look at if you want to monitor someone’s phone.


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